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Muditar Place (Donation for Mandalay Ma Haw Tha Dar – No. 193)


Jan 6, 2018,

Paramount Nayaka Sayardaw Ven Eain Nar Sar Ya “ Palae Yatanar Pariyatti Monastery, Jade Taw Quarter, Ngapali City, Thandwe District from Rakhine State donated 1000000 kyats for Ma Haw Tha Dar Free Private High-Grade Nationalist School, which will build in Mandalay.

For Mandalay Ma Haw Tha Dar, War Kin Kone Bya Ma So Sayartawgyi Ven Tate Ka and other well-known four Dhamma Lecturer Sayartaws have donated 135,000,000 kyats, Ti Lin Pariyatti Sayardaw has donated 10500000 kyats, the donors from Mahar Chai, Thailand donated 11300000 kyats, the Myanmar charity group from Thailand donated 100000 Baht and other donors were donated 24,290,500 kyats. Totally, the donated amount, for now, are 189,490,500 kyats.

The donors and the audience, who love the race, religion and sãsãnã affairs, May all beings, be healthy, successful, happy, peaceful, safe and fulfiller of wishes.