Lunch Donation by Yonn Wati Gold Shop Family

Jan 1, 2018,
Offered lunch meals to over sixty sanghas from Dhamma Sa Har Ya Monastery. Junior patron abbots also came for awarding the donation. After recited Paritta Suttas donated cash donation 10000 kyats to every monk.
Also donated 200000 kyats to Mother Day poem composing competition, led by U Kaw Vi Da (Moe Tain( Shwe Kar) from Sa Har Ya Monastery.
From those 200000 kyats, donated back 30000 kyats to the first, second and third winners. Moreover, 1000 kyats to the contender and students.
The donor Yoon Wati Gold Shop family and the audience who rejoice for the donation, May all beings, be happy, peaceful, safe and fulfiller of wishes.