“Say Ta Nar Shin Cherry Charity Association” donated 100000 kyats to Law Ka A Linn Free Education Tuition School, founded by Abbot Wira Thu.

The donors and audience who rejoice in the donation, May all beings, be healthy, successful, happy, peaceful, safe and fulfiller of wishes.

Law Ka A Linn Free Education Tuition School is located at Mahar Eain Nar Yar Ma Monastery compound, 53 Street and Yu Za Na branch Street, Mya Yee Nandar Quarter, Chan Mya Thar See Township in Mandalay City. Abbot Wira Thu founded the school in 2012. There have over 100 Grade 10 students and 80 students are apply to matriculation exam. From 6 am to 10 pm, 4 abbots and 17 teachers are teaching to the students.