A Woman from Finland and a Man from Uzbekistan

Dec 17, 2017, morning
A woman arrived at Dhamma Sa Har Ya Monastery. She is from Finland. Her guide requested to come on 16 December 2017. The writer did not dare to accept the reporter because we do not know they are the good or back person. The woman asked questions to the monk at reading room. In the afternoon a foreign man, come along with her. He is from Uzbekistan. He looks around the photos in the monastery, pointed out to Si Ta Guu Venerable Abbot photo, and asked whom this is. He said, he knows Dalai Lama only.
We do not the relationship between that Finland woman and Uzbekistan man. The Finland woman takes the photograph to vinyl, photos and Parli lecture books. Also, capture the photos of studying monks from the monastery. They asked the details about the orders of banning preaching, removing Ma Ba Tha signboard and banning A Tu Ma Shi journal. Seems like they are not our enemy but we do not dare to believe them.