Muditar Place (Fund Donation)

Dec 1, 2017,
To perform successfully in the race, religion, sãsãnã affairs, and charity works, Yoon Wati Gold Shop family from Mawlamyine City donated the funds for Won Tha Nu Dhamma Lecture Abbot U Wira Thu The donor’s list are as follows.

(1) Daw Aye Aye Thein
300000 kyats

(2) Ma Lu Lu Seng
30000 kyats

(3) Ma Khin Thet San
20000 kyats

(4) Ma Su Mon Thet
20000 kyats.
Donated total 370000 kyats. The donor family and audience, who rejoice for the donation, May all beings, be healthy, successful, happy, peaceful, safe and fulfiller of wishes.

Won Tha Nu Dharma Lecture Nationalist Abbot Bhaddanta Vicittar Bhi Wum Sa A Shin Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein) assumes responsibility with heart and soul on “Law Ka A Linn Free Education School” located at Mya Yee Nandar Quarter from Chan Mya Thar Se Township in Mandalay.

“NAGANI Money Saving Box Association” for the needy who live at “Aung Pin Lal, Aung Thar Yar and Za Za 3/4” Quarter from Chan Mya Thar See Township, “Ma La Kar Chan” Quarter from Mahar Aung Myal Township, “Sa” Quarter from Pyi Kyi Ta Kon Township.

Moreover “Myanmar Workers Rescue Association” for the children and girls who working with their without desire at different religion and alien, distributing “Pyi Chit Thar Nationalist News Journal and Mahar Wira Magazine” and other charity works.