Rakhine Trip by Mandalay Ma Ba Tha (19)

Oct 16, 2017 – afternoon,

Leave from Maung Daw City. Before the uprising on August 25, 8 Mro ethnics people had been killed by Bengali Muslim Terrorist. It has become hot news in world media. We heard their families live in Buu Thee Taung City. Therefore, we plan to go there for the meet with them but they came back to their living place and we met with them at Kai Kyi Village in Maung Daw Township.

Total seven households. Only seven dead bodies get back by their families and one-woman dead body is still missing. However, they found the woman’s cloth (call by Hta Be) from the water. Donated 700000 kyats (1 household for 100000 kyats) to seven households. Asked them the important facts only.

This is the end of donation trip by Mandalay Ma Ba Tha. The donors, the troupes of Mandalay Ma Ba Tha and the audience who support for nationalist affairs, May all beings, be healthy, successful, happy, peaceful, safe and fulfiller of wishes.