Rakhine Trip by Mandalay Ma Ba Tha (18)

Oct 16, 2017,
After lunch, meet with the Rakhine people. Interviewed them by chief secretary abbot, U Zar Ga Ya from Myin Chan Ma Ba Tha, U Zaw Ti Ka from Maw Kyun Ma Ba Tha and writer. Meet with the remaining family members Ta Rein village, Ka Yay Myaing village, Kin Chaung village and Aung Myay Baw Di quarter. Before August 25 uprising, two villagers from Ta Rein village had been killed by (ARSA) Bengali Muslim Terrorist, so-called Rohingya.
Moreover, one villager from Ka Yay Myaing village, two villagers from Kin Chaung village and the two people from Aung Myay Baw Di quarter were killed during the uprising. Also, meet with the young Hindu girl (3 years old) from No (4) quarter in Maung Daw City. (ARSA) Bengali Muslim Terrorist, so-called Rohingya, had killed the young Hindu girl’s whole family. She is the one who escaped from the massacre. Currently, her grandmother cared her.
The two villagers from Kin Chaung village, missing with a motorbike. The people from the village knew that the two people from their village had been killed when they saw a video on facebook. In the video, Bengali Muslim Terrorist killed them brutally. An old woman cried deeply when the people explained to us about the Bengali Muslim Terrorist killed her son.
We interviewed them because we want to let to know to the public about the people lives from Maung Daw City. Donated 700000 kyats ( 1 person for 100000 kyats) to 2 villagers from Ta Rain village, 1 villagers from Ka Yay Myaing village, 2 villagers from Kin Chaung and 2 people from Aung Myay Baw Di quarter in Maung Daw City. And 300000 kyats to the young Hindu baby girl. Total donated 100000 kyats.