Experiencing suffocated to death in Maungdaw, Rakhine(2)

The world, human rights societies, the UN and the powerful countries said that minority was Muslim(Bengali) and majority was Rakhine(Buddha) and also accused and oppressed that Myanmar military forces behaving ethnic cleansing to Rohingya tribe (fake tribe) in northern Rakhine.
The reality was that minority being attacked was native Rakhine in Buthitaung, Maungdaw and majority attackers were Bengalis.
Once we left from Angu Maw to Rathay Taung, via the villages so-called Sinpipe, Aung Bala, Chainkar Lane and Koe Tankout were passing one after one, then we’d found small outpost watching a few number of guards along the roads of Rathay Taung-Maungdaw.
We found that the natives and real minority Hindus living in Rakhine villages were threatened and killed by Bengalis while assaulting outposts and some had already spared their lives who could flee towards police stations in time.
We also found that 9 families of Hindus who had fled from their village while we had been Inndin village situating in Inndin post, No.(1) Border Guard Force (BGF) police administration office. Bengalis threatened and told the Hindus not to go out and not to say anything, if talk about something, they will kill them, at the time of violence. Therefore Hindu tribe Ko Shwe Maung said that they had fled urgently to escape from terror attack and their families were now safe because they had been Inndin. He also expressed his fear “We can not dare live together with Bengalis”
I myself found a minority indigenous Myo tribe who was cut down with knives by Bengalis and got back recovery and saved his life while I’d been Kyein Chaung village from Maungdaw on October 1, 2017.
About 700 Bengali force raided and set fire Kone Tying Myo village and slashed an indigenous Myo tribe named Ko Nay Aung with knives after being attacked BGF outposts on August 25. Myo tribe Ko Nay Aung was cut down by Bengalis on August 28 and he’d got injuries on his right arm, elbow and his back. Even though Ko Nay Aung was sent to Buthitaung hospital by military officials and paid treatment then he was saved his life, Myo tribe could not dare live any more at their Kone Tying Myo village as per setting fire their houses by Bengalis. We found that minority Myo tribe had displaced to Kyein Chaung village where police post situated. (Now we’ve heard the news that houses rehabilitation had been established at Kone Tying village)
I’ve imagined that daily lives of native Rakhine, Hindu and Myo etc. in northern Rakhine is surviving lively with anxieties and fears.

In this case, was there any frequently violences in the past while Bengalis and Rakhines were living together when Bengalis population increasing more and more in northern Rakhine?
We are puzzled that there are all Bengalis those who are living around the area of Buthitaung and Maungdaw region are now becoming terrorists.
Indigenous tribes explained their views that this is because of stimulation and threatening by terrorists, provocation by Muslim preachers and passions to occupy the Rakhine land by Bengalis themselves when the times were passing by, leading to increasing doubts and distrusts between two sides afterwards.
Rakhine is readily to earn anything such as cultivating paddy or anything else or fishing for food rather than Bangladesh where population expansion and scarce lands for cultivation with regard to population. In this situation, the Bengalis who are not real indigenous tribes, cultivating and fishing for foods conveniently for a long time then they themselves wanted to occupy these facilities such as lands, waters, plots and bovines when the times were passing by. That is why, at the places where the Bengalis are living with mass population, they are doing many different harassments to minority Rakhine not to dare live continuously.
The terrorist leaders do activities for violent training on the Mayyu mountainous regions and force to attend Bengalis from the villages. If they do not cooperate with them, threatened and killed them. On the other hand, Muslim preachers discourse and provoke to attend the villagers the training as per willing of terrorist leaders and make plan for land occupation. At the same time, for the crises of unexistent fake tribe (rohingya) in this country, it is added with international pressure will lead to stronger terror movements while native Rakhines are suffering fears and anxieties of their lives.
”One main factor is that they’ve already contacted to terrorists. The other thing is that they want to occupy our land after getting stronger power. It is the same as some other countries as well. They’d already done becoming Muslim country without thinking about natives. They’d assaulted the outposts means to they don’t care any natives living there. If they could get rid of the posts, the tribes living there would flee swiftly themselves then vanished, they’d thought.
At the beginning day of their attacks, one military brigade had arrived our monastery in time. Otherwise our monastery will be attacked. This monastery had been popularized last time the same. At the second time, one military brigade had arrived and joined us then they terrorists can’t do anything. What should they do if they can’t do anything? They terrorists planted the mines. They planted the mines at that corner (near the entrance of Kyein Chaung village). Then they planted mines near the west field and before the door of hospital. They planned in detail.
Terrorists attack happened in Longdon. Then the troop from here would follow for the case. The mines would explode at that entrance if they followed. They would go to hospital if mines exploded. The mines at the hospital would explode again. They had good plan with twist and turn. Our monastery was lucky,” Kyein Chaung village abbot said in detail to leading monks of our team.
Is it possible or not? Kindly consider sympathetically about living peacefully with coexistence between native Rakhines and Bengalis in northern Rakhine after being attacked by Bengali terrorists on October 9, 2016, after being attacked by terrorists on August 25, 2017.
If Bengalis and Rakhines will live back together at these villages same as before, who can take accountability that among the Bengalis who had fled to neighboring country and come back, will not constitute the terrorists and pro-terror extremists.
The problems which was begun by the Bengali terrorists regarding Rakhine crises, is absolutely like crazy for the native and Myanmar people and it can not be done anything.i

We heard that ARSA extremist terrorists provoked Bengalis to flee neighboring country forcefully and gathered manpower to threaten violence again after we came back from Rakhine in the beginning of October.
Mr Kofi Anan, chairman of Rakhine crisis commission told on October 13 that 500,000 of Bengali Muslim refugees (so-called Rohingya) who fled from Myanmar two months ago, did not have to go to refugee camps and had to come back their residents while Myanmar government proclaimed clearly in order to do activities for receiving returnees and supporting humanitarian assistance.
We can say government and officials are doing activities for Rakhine crises positively in order to slacken the international string. But I feel and figure out that natives who have nothing defences, nothing weapons and nothing emergencies from remote regions such as Buthitaung, Maungdaw, are encountering endless fears due to crises of Bengali returnees.
Military commander in chief apologized to natives on September 21, owing to insufficient security in helping in the Maungdaw violence because natives were killed first, were cut their throats first and ran away first once the violence occurred.
In this case, what we have to take into account imperatively is that how much current NLD government can reveal transparently and how much the public can push to government for the insurmountable Rakhine crises as per receiving bad historical legacy.
Every one knows that the government officials and authorized persons in successive era of history did not do any strict actions for illegal immigrant Bengalis and border line and left it like this situation in order to get a vote for election, authority and monetary.
The Bengalis from Bangladesh where the population is expending into momentum, can pass our unrestricted territory readily. It is leading to more complex on account of addition to all of internal and international political affairs, interference of international communities, movements of terrorist forces and key actors from abroad.
Hence we can say that successive governments have responsibilities regarding Rakhine crises and democracy government on today, state counselor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD government’s standing position is becoming the most critical condition regarding Rakhine crises.
It is not necessary specially to talk about the cases affected highly due to pressures and critics of international communities over noble laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi who had got international rewards since Bengali violences occurred and everyone knows that the way to democracy leaded by NLD is lingering and embarrassing owing to Rakhine crises.
Here I want to request to Daw Aung Suu Kyi and incumbent government officials not to play the game with international pressures and natives Rakhine bloods for the crisis.
U Nyi Pu, Chief minister of Rakhine State went to the violent region by chopper and said “We are risk our lives to get here” only taking the time of about 15 to 20 minutes there while Bengali’s attacks occurred we heard. Even when the chief minister U Nyi Pu had been violent region to encourage native Rakhines for the moment, it may be the dangerous of their lives. So please sympathize natives how hard to survive there in their daily lives among the Bengalis. How shall they do?

We are the same nation. Please do not specify racial discrimination between Rakhine and Bama or Shan and Mon or Kachin and Chin tribe so on.
Another thing we feel the same is that we were not autocrat in the past and our ambitions were nipping in the bud under the dictatorship era. The great deal of our people in upcountry in main land are still facing poverties and needy for many years while native Rakhines are also suffering poverties inconveniently under the era of bad rulers.
We have one maxim as “Bama will mourn if Rakhine have gone.” The indigenous tribes such as Bama, Shan and Karin and others are mourning the same when the native Rakhines are grieving owing to terrorists’ attacks in Rakhine. We give assistance to Rakhines who are in trouble as possible as we can individually.
I want to urge that our natives, government, military and people need to get together in unity and confrontation the strings and strikes of international communities for the crises of native Rakhine tribes suffering hardships.

Author : Moe Aung Lin Naing
Translated by Yea Natthar