Rakhine Trip by Mandalay Ma Ba Tha (14)

Oct 15, 2017,
Returned from Mee Tide Village. We have seen the Bengalis queue on the way back. They came out from the jungle and across the road. The security tried to halt them because the cars are coming but they did not stop.
There have no men and youths among them. Only women, kids and elders. We just know that they came from Buu Thee Tuang and they will continue to Taung Pyo Lat Wal. Then they will across to Bangladesh from Taung Pyo Lat Wal.
Arrived at Thin Baw Hla Village on the evening. There have 136 households in the village and they are Di Net ethics. There have two grandmothers and they are hundred years old. Donated to the grandmothers by people and Sanghas.
Donated 100000 cash donation, robe and offering things to village monastery abbot. 160 pieces of Shwe War soap, 3 gummy bags of chilly, 3 gummy bags of bean, 4 packages of instant noodle, 3 bags of fish paste, 3 bags of Monosodium glutamate(MSG), 2 tins of cooking oil, 1000 clothes and 75 blankets were donated for the villagers. Donated 50000 kyats to each grandmother and shared snack, juice, and candies to children.