Rakhine Trip by Mandalay Ma Ba Tha (12)

Oct 15, 2017,
Leave from Ta Rein Village after lunch. Arrived at Thar Yar Kone Village in afternoon. Thar Yar Kone Village located at Taung Pyo Lat Wal Township in the northern division of Maung Daw Township. It is a Na Ta La village. There have 40 households in the village but only 30 households returned back to the village.

Because of the raided by Bengali Terrorists on October 26, the whole village has to flee to Taung Pyo Lat Wal. The Bengalis Terrorists take everything from the village. They destroyed the statue of Buddha, burnt the furniture and destroyed the furniture. They also beheaded the statue of Buddha. Bengalis are beheaded race. They beheaded the people, who are not their religion. Because of that, they are disgusted.

Thar Yar Kone Village’s monastery abbot explained the incident. We saw the Bengalis queue on the Taw Pyo Law Wal road. The abbot remarked about that. “This is making policy if 50000 Bengali peoples are left from here, 100000 Bengali peoples will come back to here. If 500000 leaves, they would come back 10000000. Encouraged to the abbot and donated support things to the villagers.

Donated blanket, cooking oil, fish paste, soap, chilly, bean, instant noodle, robe and other supporting things for 40 households. This is the donation of Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Association. We came to here for the donation from long distances. Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Association serves to the citizen with the sponsor from the citizen. The donors who donate to Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Association for the Rakhine people, May all beings, call Sadhu for the donations.