Rakhine Trip by Mandalay Ma Ba Tha (11)

Oct 15, 2017,

Leave from A Lo Taw Pyae Monastery from Maung Daw City. Arrived at Ta Rein Village in the northern division of Maung Daw Township on 10 am. The terrorist had killed two anglers from Ta Rein Village. They were killed before August uprising. The two angler’s families leave from Ta Rein Village. They went from the village for finding foods with four persons. Nevertheless, they met with the Bengalis group. Two people from them free from the hands of Bengalis group. The two angler’s dead body got back from the scene site with the help of the people from the village.

There have two villages inside the Ta Rein Village. They are Rakhine ethnic village and Mro ethnic village. 24 households in Rakhine village and 54 households in Mro village. The two anglers are Rakhine ethnic.

The refugee camp is open at Ta Rein Village. 43 households from La Baw Village and Than Pa Yar Village refuge at the camp. They are Mro ethnic’s households.

The donation ceremony started before the lunchtime. Delivered the doctrine by Ni Rote Ti Abbot Ven Sat Kar Bhivamsa. Encouraging and appreciation for defending with unity and without leaving their land.
Taking memorial photos with the Mro ethnics and the children. They are very happy for the donations. Because they faced the dangerous situation and hard for working for their living. Donated 69 rice bag, 3 buckets of cooking oil, the 6-gunny bag of chilly, 10-gunny bag of fish paste, 121 pieces of soap, 121 blankets and 1000 shirts for total 121 households from 4 villages.

This is the donation of Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Association. The donors from local and overseas who donate to the Rakhine people, May all call Sadhu for the donations.