Rakhine Trip by Mandalay Ma Ba Tha (8)

Oct 14, 7:30 AM,
Leave from A Lo Taw Pyae Monastery with cars. The roads are rough. The sun is hot. Many people need to ride on the truck without the roof. So they felt the sun burning and bang by the car. Arrived at Min Ka Maung Village on 11:45 am. Conversation with the abbot from Min Ka Maung Village Monastery after having the lunch quickly.

Introduced with Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Abbots and explained the purposed of Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Association. Donated blanket, potato, cooking oil, chilly, monosodium glut ate, soap, instant noodle, cloth and traditional medicine to the villagers.
Donated cash donation 100000 kyats, coffee mix, tinned fish, tealeaf, instant noodle, robe and pudding of gluten rice to monastery abbot U Pyin Nyar Won Sa. Also suggested them to unite and always worship to Buddha. Delivered the doctrine by Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Chief Secretary Abbot Ven Ku Sa La (Parli Professor).

After that shared Canady, juice, and biscuit to children. There have 80 households in Min Ka Maung Village. All of them are Rakhine ethnic people. Min Ka Maung Village did not downfall because the villagers defended strongly for their village.
While Bengali groups are marching to Min Ka Maung Village, the Rakhine people who doing do sentry duty give them warning shot. The Bengali groups did not forward when they heard the gunshot continuously. They tried to raid Min Ka Maung Monastery on nighttime but they not succeeded. The villagers from Min Ka Maung Village are lucky. Because they got the good leadership from the abbot. May all Rakhine ethnic people, will have the leader like the abbot from Min Ka Muang Village and be safe.