Rakhine Trip by Mandalay Ma Ba Tha (3)

Arrived at Rakhine Refugee Camp located in A Date Htan Monastery compound in Sit Twe City on October 12, 2017. Before there have 398 people in the camp but now, only over hundred people left. They said some of them returned with 3 cars. The villagers from Maw Ra Wait, Tha Yay Kone Baung, Ka Yay Myaing, U Daung refuge at there. They have 39 households.

An old woman named by Daw Nyut Sein crying and telling her story while we prepare for donation. She was lived at No 3 quarter, in Maung Daw City. Bengali Muslim terrorist was killing the old woman’s grandchild (22 years) on October 25. The young man is a construction worker. Bengali Muslim group at in front of Myot Thu Gyi village arrested him while he came to Maung Daw City. She can confirm when the massacre video is online.

The Bengali Muslims tied both hands behind on his back and cut his throat. The old woman found out the video on facebook. The old woman calls her grandchild as Myauk Thar and his family take refuge at Myauk Oo City. The old woman afraid of the attack by Bengali Muslim and do not want to go back to Maung Daw City. The writer encourages her to do worship to Buddha for avoiding the dangers from Bengali Muslims.

Donated 350000 kyats to 35 households (1 household = 10000 kyats) and 300000 kyats for one-day food donation. This is the third donation of Mandalay Ma Ba Tha.