Rakhine Trip by Mandalay Ma Ba Tha (2)

Arrived at Ma Ra Mar Gyi Refugee Camp in Sit Twe City on 12.Oct.2017. There have 332 people from 95 households. Before, they have over 400 people in the camp.
Most of the people are Ma Ra Mar ethnic and there have a few Di Net, Thet and Rakhine ethnics. No casualties and injuries but most of their villages are set to fire by the terrorist. Although they have comprehensive rations they still need the budget. Because they have to buy water, firewood and daily budget for sending children to school.
The writer introduced with Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Abbots to the audience, explained them the purposed of the Rakhine Trip, and suggested for worship to Buddha and reciting Namo Tassa. After that donated cash donation to the refugee. Mandalay Ma Ba Tha’s Steerman Ni Rote Ti Abbot Ashin Eain Nar Sat Kar Bhivamsa preached the last doctrine.
Donated 10000 kyats to each of 95 households (95000 kyats) and 500000 kyats for one-day food donation. Total, 1450000 kyats donated. This is the second donation in Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Rakhine Trip.