Rakhine Trip By Mandalay Ma Ba Tha (1)

Oct 12, 2017 – 8 AM,

Arrived in Hindu refugee camp at Da Nya Wa Ti Stadium in Sit Twe City. 686 people, 203 households from 10 villages in the camp. Included the remaining people from 6 families, being killed by ARSA. 40 peoples from 6 families were killed by the terrorist. Only a person left from most of the families. They not at their village at that time. There have two Grade IV students. From the two students, one of them lost 23 families’ members and other one lost 6 families’ members. We are not available to meet with those two Grade IV students because they going to school at that time.

A Lo Taw Pyae Abbot and government supported the Hindu refugee.  One household received 10000 kyats cash donation (total – 2060000 kyats) and the remaining family members from six families received 300000 kyats for one family (total – 1800000 kyats) and 600000 kyats for one-day food donation. Donated 4460000 kyats for Hindu refugee.