West Gate Security Trip (17)

Arrived at Shwe Yin Aye Village on July 14, morning. Shwe Yin Aye Village is a Rakhine ethnic village located at Southern Division of Maung Daw Township in Northern Rakhine State. The monastery abbot is an oldster. The abbot has the problem with his listening. However, full with the patriotic mind. The abbot was lucky and did not die on 2012. The abbot got the wounds on his whole body because he was resisted only one when the Bengalis are attacking.

Shwe Yin Aye Village is close to the Bengali village. The whole village set fire by Bengali on 2012 and because of that, they have to live with worries. Abbot U Zar Ga Ya from Myin Chan Ma Ba Tha preached the sermon about unity. Daw Pone Ma Ba Tha Abbot Doctor Ashin Oate Ta Ma Siri delivered the speech to focus on the security issue.

Donated 100000 kyats to Shwe Yin Aye Abbot. Also donated foods, toys, and clothes to the villagers. The villagers from Shwe Yin Aye village have to leave their village on this year 2017, because of attacking by ARSA.