Third Time Trip in 2017

Arrived at Sit Twe City with Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Abbots and patriotic people. Went to Kyal Ni U Hla Myint Company for buying two paddy-harvesting machines and one paddy thresher machine. The primary plan is to buy two Donfen. They need the paddy-harvesting machine and paddy thresher urgently.

Shwe San Nwe Abbot and donors donated 3000000 kyats, Wira Tin Soe and Si Ko Su from America donated 3000000 kyats.

Paddy Thresher Machine is 2700000 kyats. Two Paddy-Harvesting machines are 3400000 kyats. Shwe San New Abbot, Wira Tin Soe, Si Ko Su, donors and the families, May all beings, be healthy, wealthy, safe and fulfiller of wishes.