West Gate Security Trip (13)

Arrived at Kine Gyi Village in 2017, July 13 evening. Kine Gyi Village was located at Southern Division of Maung Daw Township in Rakhine State. The Mro ethnic from the village was massively killed by ARSA and it becomes hot news on international media.

There have Rakhine ethnic village and Mro ethnic village. The village we visited is Rakhine ethnic village. Mro villagers came to meet with our group at Rakhine village. The ethnics who had been killed by ARSA on 2017 August 3 are from Kine Gyi (Mro Village).


Donated toys for the children, FM player, flashlight, lamp, raincoat, Yogi dress for them. The donor is Moe Hti Moe Mi Shwe Taung Gyi Buddhist Missionary Group.