Donation of Tha Pate Kyin Sanghas to Rakhine People

Sep 22, 2017 – 1 PM,
The donation ceremony held at Mandalay Ma Ba Tha office. Attended by Mandalay Ma Ba Tha troopers, donor, monks from Tha Pate Kyin and Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Chief Secretary Abbot Ven Ku Sa La “Parli Professor”.

Parli Professor Abbot Ven Ku Sa La preached Five Precepts sermon and Ni Rote Ti Abbot Ven Eain Nar Sat Kar Bhivamsa delivered the speech and the writer was explained about donation trip for Rakhine State.

The abbots from Tha Pate Kyin entrusted total 40 rice bags and donation cash 1950000 to Mandalay Ma Ba Tha. Mandalay Ma Ba Tha guarantee about the donations things will reach hundred percent to the hands of Rakhine State