Breakfast Meal Donation of Sa Har Ya Monastery

Sep 22, 2017 – 6 AM,

Offered “Mote Tee Soup” to student monks. In addition, Noodle Soup and Mote Tee Soup to invited sanghas and patron abbots.

Honored by Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Chief Secretary Abbot Ven Ku Sa La “Parli Professor”, Second Chief Secretary Abbot Ven Pyin Nyar Sar Mi, Abbot Ven Eain Nar Satkar Bhivamsa and junior patron abbots Dhamma Par Ra Gu Abbot U Za Na Kar Bhivamsa, Dhamma Vi Mote Ti Abbot U Su Ri Yar Bhivamsa and U Say Ti Yar Bhivamsa.

The donor family is U Than Zaw Myint and Daw Win Win Mar family. They donated as their daughter Ma May Myat Noe’s fourth year birthday anniversary. Donated 10000 kyats to sangha who were invited, 3000 kyats to Sa Har Ya Monastery’s sanghas, 200000 kyats to Rakhine people, 100000 kyats to Mandalay Ma Ba Tha, 100000 kyats to Law Ka A Linn and 200000 kyats to Abbot U Wira Thu.

After offering the meal received Five Precepts and pouring water for share merit. Abbot Wira Thu preached the sermon of giving Sila and Pouring Water. The donor U Than Zaw Myit and Daw Win Win Mar and their daughter Ma May Myat Noe family, May all beings, be healthy, wealthy, safe and fulfiller of wishes.