Taung Kote Maw Haw Tha Dar

Aug 21, 2017 – afternoon,

Arrived at Taung Kote Ma Haw Tha Dar. Tipitakadara  Ya Mar Wa Ti Abbot was preached the Sila sermon. Delivered the doctrine by Ven Tay Za Wan Nar Bhivamsa “Aung Chan Thar Monastery” from Hlaing Township in Yangon. Writer preaches protecting the country by Ma Haw Tha Dar Bodhisattva.


Taung Kote Ma Ha Tha Dar is open in this year. Start with grade 9 student. There have 94 students. Established by Tipitakadara Ya Mar Wa Ti Abbot Ven Eain Da Par La.

Ma Haw Tha Dar is Bodhisattva “man of wisdom”, who protect the country.