Care Fund for Nationalist Prisoner (13)

Aug 15-19, 2017,

For six monks and Ko Kyaw Myo Shwe who have been terrorizing arrested by 505 (b) at Oae Bo prison,

  • Myo Chit Ko Ko (FB account) from Nyaung Tone was donated

100000 kyats



  • U Nyi Nyi Tun and Daw Nay Chi Oo family from Mandalay City was donated

100000 kyats



  • Daw Nwe Ni Oo from Mandalay City was donated

50000 kyats

Now, 6950000 kyats donated to Care Fund for Nationalist Prisoner. If you want to donate for Monks and Ko Kyaw Myo Shwe, please see the facts are as follow.


U Min Aung

KBZ Bank
Name of Account: U Min Aung
Account No: 99930799949222401