West Gate Security Trip (8)

July 13, 2017.
Arrived at Baw Di Kone Village, southern Maung Daw Township in Rakhine State. Village leaders and villagers from Upper Kan Thar Yar and Middle Kan Thar Yar arrived at Baw Di Kone Village monastery. There have 38 houses in Baw Di Kone Village. Popular Du Chee Yar Tan village group. Du Chee Yar Tan Bengali Village, Ka Yay Myain, Kin Chaung, Upper Kan Thar Yar, Middle Kan Thar Yar and Baw Di Kone Village are in Du Chee Yar Tan Village group.

Baw Di Kone Village burned out in 2012. Some villagers run up to the mountain; some are fleeing to Four Miles Village military camp. Villagers are survived, but the equipment was looted and houses were burned. They also took the cattle.
Baw Di Kone villagers said Bengalis are worse than rebel is. Because rebel did not target to the monastery, they did not set fire the toilet. So Bengali are worse than rebel because they set number one target to the monastery and set fire to the toilet.

The monastery and village houses can built back because of the Film Organization and GE (General Engineering Military Service). Baw Di Kone Village is like model village in Maung Daw Township. The village is peaceful with fruit trees.

The village is lovely to stay if no dangerous from Du Chee Yar Tan Bengali Village. Kan Thar Yar Middle Village escaped from 2012 violence. Bengalis turned back because villagers are defense with hunting firearms. First one was hit but they still coming. They were turned back when second on was hit. We have seen the defense chief villager from Kan Thar Yar Village. Bengalis targeted on Kan Thar Yar Village because a guide from the village is on searching Bengali camp mission. Explained to them about support things and Abbot U Zar Ga Ya from Myin Chan preached to unite and defense.