With Relatives from Kyauk Chaw Village

Aug 15, 2017 – 5 PM,

Arrived at Kyauk Chaw Village in Pathein Kyi Township. When we arrived there, the children gathered to see the writer. They said, “Our abbot is coming”. They thoughts, they will receive 1000 kyats pocket money like as other times. Writer given pocket money to them, every time when the writer came to look the land for Ma Haw Tha Dar School, but writer forgot to take pocket money for them at this time.

However, donor Moe Ko (Wira Moe) have a bag of 1000 kyats. So, gave them a thousand kyats for everybody and told them to recite Aww Kar Sa, Sa Ra Na Gon, and Namotassa.

Giving pocket money to children, but adults are also queueing for having pocket money. Total 200000 kyats donated. Came back to the monastery after reciting Pa Htan and sharing merit. Ma Haw Tha Dar School is will be built on this village land. Please see the photos of relatives from Kyauk Chaw Village.