West Gate Security Trip (7)

July 12, 2017 – 4 PM,

Arrived at Thu Kha Myaing (Pyar Thar) Village in northern Maung Daw Township. This time third time to here. Meet with villagers at a small chapel. Children come to there because they thought; they will have snacks like other time. Only toys for them at this time. Toys are packaged and will be shared to every house, so cannot give immediately to children. So cannot see the smile of children.

Palae Yatanar Abbot from Jade Taw Village in Nga Pa Li City said, “When he arrives at Maung Daw, he feels more worries, thanks to the people from Maung Daw because protecting west gate among in danger. And suggested them not to leave their land”.

Daw Pone Ma Ba Tha Doctor Oate Ta Ma Siri preached the values of stones we can get free for security issue. Donated a package include with toys, hair clips for girls, vitamins, rain coat and a dress of Yogi to them like other villages. The donor is Moe Hti Moe Mi Buddhism Proliferation Team from Ya Mel Thin.