Aug 15, 2017 – 8 PM,

Arrived to Law Ka A Linn Free Education Tuition School. Nigh Guide, class is open for daily and attended over hundred students from old and new class. Before U Win Aung (Math) class, conversation with students. There have students who have been reading and doing math.

“Four Pair of A Di Pa Ti” were given preaching with the name of “Four Successful Title”. Desire, industrious, perseverance and technic. Encouraged them with a poem call “Everything Must Be Victory”, written by writer in two years of student monk age.

Parami A Linn Yaung charity group donated mask and purified drinking water for students. Four or five big bottles costed for daily. Parami A Linn Yaung charity group is organize with the youth from Mya Yee Nandar Quarter, Kan Kyee Kone Village and Hton Tone Village in Chan Mya Tar See Township. We just met on today. Writer was invigorated for the future by seeing them. There have Muslim students in Law Ka A Linn School. If they pass exam they will be award. If they pass exam with distinction, there have more prize for them.