West Gate Security Trip (6)

Arrived to Aung Zay Ya Village at July 12 evening. There have two villages group in Aung Zay Ya Village. They are Nyein Chan and Su See. They are unite with various ethnic. There have 91 houses and 97 households. The writer’s group were introduced with villagers by A Lo Taw Pyae Abbot U Ma Ni Sar Ya.

Palae Yatanar Abbot Ven Eain Nar Sar Ya from Jade Taw Village, Na Pa Li City in Than Dwe Township prayed to love, defense and unite for Rakhine State. Doctor Oate Ta Ma Siri from Daw Pone Ma Ba Tha said, “sympathy on Rakhine citizen because there have not so much Rakhine citizen and many Nga Mel found in Rakhine State”. “We can only support for you; Rakhine people must defend for Rakhine State”. “If you love your place, you have to get many children and don’t need to worry for the children’s living and education, send the children to Monastery Education School and when they come of age, they must defend Rakhine State.”

When Doctor Oate Ta Ma Si Ri finished his doctrine, the villagers are clapping heartily. We supported toys, FM player, raincoat and food to every households like other villages.