Meal Donation at Sa Har Ya Monastery

Aug 14, 2017, 11 AM,

Offering meal to sangha from Dhamma Sa Har Ya Monastery and junior patron monks. Dhamma Professor Patron Abbot Lan Kar Yar Bhivamsa and three junior patron abbots were arrived.

The meal donors are Ko Myint Soe Aung and Ma Lae Lae Win (555 Bakery) from Kyan Khin City in Ayeyarwaddy Division. The donation are dedicated to benefactor Bangan Pyan Abbot Ven Satt Ni Mar and father U Tide Sein. Birthday donation of Ma Lae Lae (555 Bakery).

Ko Myint Soe Aung and Ma Lae Lae (555 Bakery) family is donor of Ashin Nanda Mar Lar “student monk of Sa Har Ya Monastery”. They donated to

  • Law Ka A Linn Free Education Tuition School

500000 kyats


  • Mandalay Ma Haw Tha Dar

500000 kyats


  • Fund for writer

200000 kyats


  • Fund for Ashin Nanda Mar Lar

200000 kyats


  • 10000 kyats to each of three Patron Abbots


  • 1500 kyats to each of sangha


On the behalf of donor family, Ashin Na Yein (Former Sa Har Ya Student) Lu Pyan Kyaw family was pour water and share merit for donation. Especially to Bagan Pyan Abbot and U Tide Sein. May all beings, be healthy, wealthy, and safe and fulfilled of wishes.