Chinese Monk Came for Encouraging

Aug 4, 2017 – 8 PM,

A Chinese monk came to while lecturing Pathana. Recorded lecturing by writer. After that meet with Chinese monk at Sa Har Ya Monastery. Ashin Za Wa Na is Interpreter who has been attended university in Thailand. Ashin Za Wa Na and Chinese Monk are became friend at university. Introduced by a Chinese monk.

Ashin Wira Thu is villain on international media. When he enquire about that, it was very different. So, he will covered affordably and widespread by writing, preaching and distributing as much as he can.

He also invited to China for visiting and preaching nearly a week. Gave Islamization Book as a gift to him. Chinese monk request autography of writer and writer signed for him. A disciple is follow to Chinese monk. The name of Chinese monk is Yuanthshen.