Law Ka A Linn Night Guide Class Opened

July 31, 2017 – 7 PM,

Arrived to Law Ka A Linn Free Education School. The school is full with parents, committee members, volunteer teachers and students. Writer delivered doctrine before abbot U Wai Pone La is coming for teaching English subject. Doctrine about to respect and values to books and lectures. Value and respect to books and lectures, sons of American Negro Woman, Kar Sin and Yar Zin graduated with Doctor Degree.

There have over 170 students but only 125 students attended to night class. For the students, who have not transportation duty by their families, two women and one man from school committee keep up with rotation duty.

Law Ka A Linn Free Education School is locate at MaMa 13, between Yu Za Na Street and 53 Street, Mya Yee Nandar Quarter, Chan Mya Thar Se Township in Mandalay. Writer founded the school 5 years ago.