The minority hosts massacred by evil majority guests

Aug 3, 2017
The grisly pictures of killings of innocent Mro people against whom Jihad was fought on Thursday 3rd August are gathered as much as possible and posted before the councillor’s office publishes full report. Ethnic Mro minority are unsafe both in Myanmar and in Bengladesh, fearing for being killed by Muslims.

It is recommended that the government should make sure of their safety, at the least in Myanmar. If the slain people were from Muslim community, the story would become the talk of OIC and UN at once. But the now slaughtered ones are from indigenous ethnic group, whereupon these organizations are turning a deaf ear to it.

In the violent attack, six people were killed and two people, namely Ma Sin Kaw (35) and Ma Tone Te (24), missing.

Translated by Sayar Thant