Su Da Thi Abbot Birthday Ceremony

July 31, 2017 – 7 AM,

The birthday ceremony was celebrated at Ngwe Taung Monastery compound, Su Da Thi Monastery, Mahar Aung Myay Township in Mandalay.

50th anniversary of Su Da Thi Abbot Ven Mar Gain Na. Preaching was banned, no one dare to invite because of that. But writer was surprised because of invitation by Su Da Thi Abbot in this time. Abbot said, “He celebrated his first time birthday ceremony with writer and he will also plan to celebrate the next birthday anniversary with writer because he set Wira Thu is the only the truth of world”.

Writer was never met before with Su Da Thi Abbot but the Abbot is an audience of writer. The Abbot have every book written by writer and he read all of it. Preached rejoicing sermon after having lunch. They donated offering things like a big preaching ceremony.

They dedicated to father U Tun Si and mother Daw Mya Thaung and Abbot U Par Mauk Kar Bihvamsa and donated 2000000 kyats to hostel for Buddha at Si Par Village in Bu Ta Lin Township. And also donated 200000 kyats to Mandalay Ma Haw Tha Dar. The feed reception will start on 9 am for audience. There have a few audience and the people who doing sundry matters, while preaching. Preached Victory Forever sermon. Abbot U Mar Gain Na and donor, May all beings, be healthy, wealthy, safe and fulfilled of wishes.