Flood Donations of Mandalay Ma Ba Tha

July 30, 2017 – 10:30 AM,
Having lunch at monastery in Bagan. Lunch donors are Patriotic Myanmar Monks Union (Mandalay) and Taung Sar Lay Abbot Ashin Agga Da Za from Meik Hti Lar City. After lunch, Buddha Dhamma Charity Foundation (Ya Mel Thin Ma Ba Tha)’s donation things were transferred to Mandalay Ma Ba Tha at Bagan pier. After that, went to west shore with boats.
Rest a while at Sel Lan Village temporary pavilion at Pa Kouk Kuu Township. And then, checking around status of Sel Lan Village. The first waves were about a palm high and some people were fainted while they watching the waves. Sel Lan Village had been moved twice. Plantations were destroyed and cultivator are jobless. They can only do cattle ranch. Donated rice, cooking oil, tinned fish and instant noodle to Sel Lan Village and Ngwe Thaung Village. Teaching them, remember to recite Namotassa and to keep Buddha. There have 140 households in Sel Lan Village and 210 households in Ngwe Thaung Village.
Myin Chan Ma Ba Tha, Meik Hti Lar Ma Ba Tha, Patriotic Myanmar Monks Union (Mandalay) and patriotic people were participated with Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Association for donation. On the way back, checking around West Thiri Village. The village pagoda was adrift into water by flooding. Shwe Pyi Taw Sone Mhat Charity Group is helping that village. Our relatives are hit by flood. Help them.
Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)
PM- 10:55