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Disbursement ceremony of Sa Quarter’s NAGANI Money Saving Box Association

July 31, 2017 – 12:30 AM,
The ceremony was held at Japan Monastery, Sa Quarter, Pyi Kyi Ta Kon Township in Mandalay. Disbursement ceremony of No (1) NAGANI Money Saving Box Association.
A Shin Za Wa Na (Patron – NAGANI Money Saving Box Association) and U Tot (Kar Ya Kan Myit Tar) were attended to ceremony. Delivered doctrine by U Su Zar Ta “Japan Monastery Abbot”. After that, each of 90 members are received 50000 kyats. Sa Quarter’s NAGANI Money Saving Box Association is no (1) money saving box association founded by Abbot U Wira Thu on 1.9.2014.
248 members in present time. 158 members are in 150000 kyats role and 90 members are in 50000 kyats role.
The lending system of NAGANI money saving box association is 5 percent deposit. For the 50000 kyats. Must save 1000 kyats per day. Within the deposit of 5 percent, 2 percent is used for the member’s medical treatment and 3 percent is used for adding new members and more lending. The profit money is using back on the current money saving box and not using on other saving money box. There have 7 NAGANI Money Saving Box Association founded by Sayardaw U Wira Thu.
(Wira Key Mein – Reporter of NAGANI money saving box)