West Gate Security Trip (5)

July 12, 2017 – Afternoon,

Arrived to Aung Thar Yar village. Aung Thar Yar village is a Na Ta La village locate at northern Maung Daw Towship in northern Rakhine State. The village was founded with the people from Yangon but now various ethnic from various state and division. The abbot don’t have place to stay because monastery roof were destroyed by Mora storm. The chapel is also not weather-proof.

The people can sit at the place free from raining, but floor with full of rain water and they have to sit on there. Is sad to see. Palae Yatanar Abbot from Nga Pa Li City was so sad and he can’t even tell greeting words to finish. Writer was suggested them to recite Namotassa worship for having many donors to support them.

Doctor Oate Ta Ma Siri was delivered speech about for having many kids and suggested them to send their children to Monastery Education Charity School for education.

Senior U Zar Ga Ya from Myin Chan Ma Ba Tha was prayed for them for having “their lives will be on same way with their desire”. There have 96 households in Aung Thar Yar village. But there have 97 households if we combine with a family who run back from Bangladesh. All were donated a bag of regular ration. Now, both monastery and chapel roof are reinstall back.

Buddha Dhamma Charity Foundation was donated 3000000 kyats for chapel. Palae Yatanar Abbot was donated 3500000 kyats to monastery and writer was donated 1000000 kyats to monastery.