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Meeting for Opening Night Guide Class at Law Ka A Linn School (2)

July 25, 2017 – 1 PM,

Discussed with school committee at Law Ka A Linn Free Education Tuition School for opening night guide class on 31.7.2017 and arranging transportation for students. U Myit Thein from Mya Yee Nandar Quarter’s administration and U Win Naing from school committee were led the discussion. The people from quarter were also discussed to facilitate and smooth learning for students. Law Ka A Linn Free Education Tuition School is locate at coroner of 53 street and Yu Za Na street, Mya Yee Nandar Quarter, Chan Mya Thar See Township in Mandalay.

The school was established on 2012 and now there have over 170 students. Is only for Grade 10 student. There have fresher class and repeater class on day time. The night guide class only accept the students who can take transportation duty by their family whatever fresher student or repeater student. 16 students were passed matriculation exam In 2016/2017 education year and all of them were attended night guide class.

So, discussed about organizing school committee for every students can attend to night class. 170 student’s tuition fees will be cost 51000000 kyats when we calculate 300000 kyats for each students. So, the expense of 170 parents will be paid by the group.