West Gate Security Trip (4)

July 12, 2017 – afternoon,

Arrived to Phar Wot Chaung Village at northern Maung Daw Township in Rakhine State. Meet with the villagers at Phar Wot Chaung village. There was no monastery abbot in first time, but they have monastery abbot and two monks in this time.

Soldiers are taking sentry duty in monastery compound. And they made camp in chapel. Donated coffee mix to soldiers. Palae Yatanar Abbot Ven Eain Nar Sar Ya was delivered doctrine to villagers. Writer also suggested them to recite Namotassa. U Za Yan Na from Yangon Ma Ba Tha explained about how to use FM player and toys.

Doctor Oate Ta Ma Siri from Yangon Ma Ba Tha was preached sermon for united. There have 104 households in Phar Wot Chaung village. Donated a bag of relief aid to each of them. In this relief aid, included with FM radio player, Coffee mix, Quaker, toys for girl, rain coat, a pair of Yogi Dress, instant noodle and vitamin. The relief things are donated by Moe Hti Moe Mi group from Ya Mel Thin City.