West Gate security trips (1)

July 11, 2017 – evening,

Arrived to A Lo Taw Pyaw Monastery at Maund Daw City in Rakhine State. Palae Yatanar Abbot Ven Eain Nar Dar Sar Ya from Jade Taw Quarter in Nga Pa Li City, Abbot U Zar Ga Ya from Myin Chan Ma Ba Tha, Abbot U Wi Ma La from Myan Aung Ma Ba Tha, Doctor A Shin Tay Za Ni Ya from Yangon Ma Ba Tha, Doctor Ashin Oate Ta Ma Siri, U Za Yan Na, U Nyar Ni Ka, Ashin Su Za Na (Wira Yarzar – True Saffron) and patriotic brothers from Yangon, Mandalay, Myin Chan and Myan Aung were gone with writer.

The trip is for encouraging and supporting for weak west gate keepers. Separated and put in bags the offering things until over midnight at A Lo Taw Pyae Monastery in Maung Daw City. There have included various toys for children and hair styling things, hair clips for girls. FM radio player, flashlight, lamp, coffee mix, Quaker and rain coat for elders. This offering things will be donated to Na Ta La “Border Area Ethnic Development Village” on 12.7.2017.