Visit to 4 miles High School

July 14, 2017 – 10 AM,

Arrived to 4 miles quarter’s high school at Maung Daw Township in Rakhine State. Meet with headmistress and told her reason what we came for. Headmistress is arrange everything for us. Teachers were also helped to us. There have 900 students from primary class to high class. They lining up each class and grade. There have various ethnic in 4 miles high school. Various religion of belief.

Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Islam students at there. Gave two hundred pocket money to each of students. Two coffee mix bags to boy students and butterfly doll, sunflower doll and hair clip to girl students.


Teacher are also happy with the students. FM radio other presents were also gave to each of teachers. Donation to students and teachers is also a happy thing.