United Is For Victory (2)

July 20, 2017 – 5:15 PM,

Mandalay Ma Ba Tha troupers were organized at Ma Ba Tha office. Shooting group photo in front of Mandalay Ma Ba Tha sing board. Assembled at A Kyaw Monastery’s down stair in Kon Won Min Kyi Monastery compound. Monks led by Chief Secretary Abbot U Ku Sa La and Second Chief Secretary Abbot U Pyin Nyar Sar Mi and patriotic people were attended to meeting.

U Zar Ka Ya from Myin Chan Ma Ba Tha, Taung Thar Lay Abbot U Agga Da Za from Meik Hti Lar, Abbot U Pan Ni Ta from Bagan Ma Ba Tha, Abbot U Pyin Nyar Zaw Ta from Tha Yat Pin Won village in Kin Oo Township were came for supporting.

Writer and Ni Rote Ti Abbot U Eain Nar Sat Kar Bhivamsa were delivered doctrine. Writer was encourage them to stand with the order from Zaw Ka Bin Abbot.