The status of Aung Thar Yar Monastery at Maung Daw, Rakhine

July 12, 2017,

Arrived to Aung Thar Yar village at Northern Maung Daw Township in Northern Rakhine State. Included with Ven Eain Nar Dar Sar Ya “Paramount Patron Abbot of Pale Yatanar Monastery, Jade Taw Quarter, Than Twe Township in Nga Pa Li City” and nationalist brothers from Yangon, Mandalay, Myin Chan and Myan Aung. When we arrived to village, they organize villagers in chapel. When we arrived to there, is raining and the chapel roof were damaged. So, villagers have to sit down on rain water. Some are sitting on their shoes, rain-coat and gunny sack. We were felt sad for them.

Donated FM radio, toys for children, hair clip for girls and coffee mix and came back. This time is third time to Aung Thar Yar village. Writer was gave promise to repair monastery roof at second time trip in May. Monastery’s roof were destroyed by Mo Yar Strom and monastery abbot has to move to chapel. Chapel also not safe for rain. Feeling sympathy on monastery abbot because senior abbot has to find a place to escape from rain. Palae Abbot found out and guess the situation of Maung Daw and tell writer with tear voice for his feeling. Writer and Palae Abbot immediately arrange to donate roof and ceiling for monastery and chapel. Writer was donated 1000000 kyats and Palae Abbot donated 3500000 kyats.

Buddha Dhamma Charity Foundation (Ma Ba Tha Headquarter) was donated 3000000 kyats. Now working process was implemented. Although same Buddhist monks but monastery is different. Even same monk, the glory is different. Even the glory was too lacked can live weather-proof in internal. Non weather-proof live in Aung Thar Yar.

Who have responsibility for this?

Do Rakhine ethnic from internal and over sea are responsibilities for this?

Whether responsibility for the entire Sangha?

Responsibility on government?

Responsibility on Buddhism?

Who have responsibility for this?

When west gate keepers are strong, west gate will be safe, right?


Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)

PM 5:46