Recreation at Sit Twe City

July 15, 2017,

In the evening of 15.7.2017, the last day of Maung Daw trip from 11.7.2017 to 15.7.2017, visited to Pathein Monastery Abbot from Sit Twe City for worship and checking around with Ma Ba Tha’s senior and junior monks to violence places that occurred in 2012. After that recreation at beach for breathing the air from sea.

The weather is fine and the air is gently. Breathing the air combine with the scent of salt to make into the nose let serious acute. It is effectiveness to clear in abdominal. Breathing the sea’s air, resting comfortable, talking jokes and taking group photos is enough to satisfy the tired. Thanks to the Rakhine people from Sit Twe City. Since release from prison, did not get any rest peaceful, no worries and comfortable like this. This time it was quite delicious and relaxed. Want to breath the sea’s air again.