Weak West Gate Keepers (10)

Arrived to Kha Yay Myaing village in May 5 morning. Kha Yay Myaing village is Na Ta La (Ethnic Village) located Southern Maung Daw Township in Northern Rakhine State. The village was built in 2007. There are 107 houses in the establishment. Perfect with the relatives who came back from Bangladesh, Myanmar ethnic from Yangon and resident Rakhine ethnic. Currently the government has built 214 homes. 8 houses are free. Total households are 206. There have many Myanmar ethnic houses established in 2007, but most of them are fled to Yangon and now only left 3 houses. They’re from Insein Township and they stayed over ten years in Rakhine State.

Even they got three acres for paddy field, it was only on the list and does not come to their hand. So far, they didn’t know the place of their paddy field and they can’t cultivate. The fields can agriculture is dangerous. Bengalis were came and harvest their paddy field and feed their cattle. They didn’t come themselves for harvest, they just send their cattle to the fields. When the farms were fed fertilizer, they broke the drain to floating fertilizer.

They also destroy the plantations with plowing machine. They are, the Bengalis from Du Chee Yar Tann village. Du Chee Yar Tan village is a Bengali village, in 2014 they killed a police sergeant named by Aung Kyaw Thein. They cut and destroy the body. After violence on 8 June Bengalis from Du Chee Yar Tan village still destroying the paddy fields of ethnic. The ethnics are living their life doing random works and they are so poor. The founders didn’t get support and also the people who came back from Bangladesh. The whole villagers don’t know where their paddy fields. When they doing hillside cultivation, they been prohibited from Department of Forestry, so they have to go to town for working laborer in Rakhine ethnic. Kha Yay Myaing village have many households and they need many requirements. They requested repairing their houses because the houses are in bad shapes. They so tired because they inconvenience for their living and also for staying. There has generator for electricity but they don’t have to pay fuel charges, so the while village is in dark.

The road to the monastery is boggy in the raining season and they can’t go to monastery. The budget from the government was always broken for the ethnics. Encourage them with uncomfortable mind about should not be able to expect nothing from this government. A Lo Taw Pyaw Sayardaw U Ma Ni take responsibility for plantation list. Sayardaw U Ka Hlyar Na from Yangon Ma Ba Tha was preached sermon. Who is able to fulfill the requirements of Kha Yay Myaing village and how long they will endure?