Award ceremony for monks

July 9, 2017 – 7 PM,

Donated reward money, robes and other offering things to 21 monks who passed religious exam in various classes from Sa Har Ya Monastery and special passed 4 monks from other monastery. Among 21 monks who passed the exam from Sa Har Ya Monastery, there have 5 monks answer for high class exam and 4 monks are passed. A monk named by U Saw Bi Ta is answer high class exam for 9 years and now he was passed exam. And also a monk is passed for lecture class with two thesis in one year.

The special passed four monks are as following.

  • Shin Ain Ku Ya (Dhamma Htar Na Monastery)

Second prize for first primary class in whole country


  • A Shin War Yar Ma (Dhamma Kan Na Monastery)

Sa Kya Thi Ha Class


  • A Shin Pyin Nyar Sar Mi (Dhamma Di Pa Ti Monastery)

Sa Kya Thi Ha Class


  • A Shin Tay Zar Nandar Bhivamsa (Dhamma Su Wa Na Myit Tar Monastery)

Sa Kya Thi Ha Class
Donated 500000 kyats for the monk who graduated with ABhivamsa and 300000 kyats for the monks who passed with special in exam. Writer’s donated amount are 2.330.000 kyats.

Daw Tin Hla, Daw Nyo Nyo San, Daw Kyi Kyi Mar, Daw Thaung Thaung Myint, Ko Than Soe Win and Ma Than Than Win and other donors were donated offering things.