Weak West Gate Keepers (9)

Arrived to Thu Kha Myaing (Pyar Thar) village on May 4 evening. Thu Kha Myaing village is an ethnic village locate in northern division of Maung Daw Township in Rakhine State. Built in 2000 year and now 70 households in village. At the beginning, the government give paddy lands for cultivate but mostly paddy are grazing land. The people who get paddy land, they sold the land to Bengali and they flee away. So the current people living at there for now are jobless.

In 2002, the village had to restore by the people who negotiation with government for peach from AA (Arkan Army) and become over 70 household when they were combined with 20 relatives households who came back from Bangladesh in 2015. A small Rakhine village squeezed between large Bengali villages. There has a stream at right side of village and they’re doing catching fish and frog for living. No life-threatening for until now, but they destroy the fish trap and steal fish frequently.

In 2005, the writer was arrived to this village and at that time they said that they have difficulties for water, so the writer try to donate pipes and brick pool for them but it wasn’t ok. They requested assembling the frame for the lake for storing rain water. U Khin Mg Own “disciple of U Soe Tun Shein from National Prosperity Company” was calculate the estimate for the lake frame. And also donated rice and dried fish to villagers and shared the snacks to children. Rations were donated by National Prosperity Company and snacks were donated by My Cake Family from Tamwe. U Kahlyar Na Ka from Yangon division Ma Ba Tha was preached “Saranagone” sermon.