Weak West Gate Keepers (8)

Arrived to Aung Zay Ya village in afternoon. A strange village in Maung Daw Township, Rakhine State. One village is in two groups. There have Nyein Chan and Su See villages inside Aung Zay Ya village. Aung Zay Ya (Nyein Chan) and Aung Zay Ya (Su See). One village, one monastery with two names. It wasn’t separate and branch out. Because Nyein Chan village is in new village list. There has no monk for village monastery. A junior monk from NA PA THA wait at monastery for temporary. There have two administrator for the village because original village place and new village place were separated. Nyein village is only one village in one group and Su See village is become a member village of Kyee Kan Pyin group. Nyein village is built in 1997, 20 years old. The village was built with BA KA PA’s members who were returned to the legal fold. A newly established with 20 households and now become 31 households. Only 10 households were increased within 20 years.

Su See village was established in 1995. It was hundred households project, built 50 house for them and opened with 9 house. Now become 66 households. Su See village was established with prisoner. The prisoners who had been marriage and have families, and 9 families who came along with the prisoners to here, they were placed immediately in village. And the other prisoners who don’t have family must stay temporary at War Pate Camp. When the families are follow to them, they can stay in village. Thus, there were over sixty households but the founder are rarely left.

In the beginning, per house has dropped five acre paddy lands by government but in 1997 Nyein Chan village was built and two acre paddy lands were shared to the people who taking peace. Even they own paddy lands equally, they can’t eat the rice from their paddy land from 8.6.2012. The paddy lands are locate between the Bengali villages, so they own the paddy lands but they don’t dare to cultivate at there. They stand for their living by doing random works and searching crab and frog and they were exhausted.

Because of 2012, June 8 violence, they don’t dare to go outside village. Mountains are on east side and the remaining there side are surrounded with Bengali village. So they are stuck in that life.  When Kyee Kan Pyin headquarter was being attacked, the situation is become worst and they don’t dare to go up to mountain and also don’t dare to go stream. So their living are more difficulties. There have no rape and ambuscade, until now. Nyein Can and Su See villages are united. Currently, it must be self-sustaining, but in the long run, how can they continue to stand and how to protect Maung Daw City. When they ask questions writer has absolutely no answer. There have Rakhine, Thet, Myanmar, Mon and Shan ethnic are in village. We are feeling uncomfortable because an ethnic from Su See village asked to us. We were started to keep the west gate since 1995 and now become anxious panic. The main requirement is security. If Kalar is coming, our people can’t feel safe in our land, who is responsibility for that. Following file is audio attachment file.