Weak West Gate Keepers (7)

Arrived to Aung Thar Yar Village on May 4. There have 98 households and 102 families group in Aung Thar Yar Village. No paddy land for 30 families who were came back from Bangladesh and four families who are staying with their parents.
Even other families own their paddy land they don’t dare to cultivate. Didn’t give troubles to people while planting but destroy the plantations. Sends the cattle into the field and they just eat everything. So, is looks like we are feeding food for their cattle, we stuck in this situation even we own paddy land. They have to do cutting wood, searching fish and random work for their living.
Now, they can’t cut wood because they don’t dare to go to mountain. Difficult for living is no guarantee for Rakhine people life. Aung Thar Yar Monastery’s Abbot U Kaw WI Da is in 33 years monk age and 12 years age in Monastery Abbot Life. Sayardaw is coming from A Lo Taw Pyaw Monastery in Ya Thae Taung City. The ceiling are damage and writer will offered ceiling and roof. U Soe Tun Shein family from National Prosperity Company donated rice and dried fish. Shared the snacks and juice to children. Donor is My Cake family from Tamwe Township in Yangon.