The Opening Ceremony of Law Ka A Linn Free Education School

July 2, 2017 – 9 AM,

Celebrated at Law Ka A Linn Free Education School locate in Mya Yee Nandar Quarter, Chan Mya Thar See Township in Mandalay. 78 fresher students and 92 repeater students. Total 170 students. The monks, teachers, school committee members and parents are attended to the ceremony. The writer told about the duties of students and parents. Students are must attend school regularly, study regularly doing exercise regularly, obey to monks, teachers and school rules. Parents are must a value set to children’s education, taking responsibility for transportation when guide class is open on night, if can’t report to school committee. Lecture sayardaws and teachers are greeting one by one and awarded to students who passed exam.

Awarded certificates and presents to 9 students who passed Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Yin Kyay Lain Mar Exam (Division Level) and 16 students who passed matriculation exam. Maw Chaw Su Wai was awarded 200000 kyats for passing matriculation exam with 2 distinction. And also awarded 200000 kyats to teacher.

Daw Mee Mee family was donated exercise books, ball pens to students and a longyi to each of students who passed exam. Teacher Daw Thandar Oo family was donated meals. 6th opening ceremony of Law Ka A Linn Free Education School’s was succeed.