Rapist Kalar is Appear In Court

June 5, 2017,

Rapist Zin Ko @ Kalar is appear in court today. Second time appear in court. First time was on 3.7.2017. The examine day was changed 3.7.2017 to 5.7.2017. Because police statement did not arrive on time.

They didn’t examine on today until 3:30 pm and court appointment is on 11:00 am. So we will watch them, when they will be examine. Mandlay Ma Ba Tha and Aung Pin Lal troupers are went for encouraging. Writer was donated 100000 kyats to victim woman.

And we will continue to help them with legal way. When we see to the victims (Shwe Myanmar) they are poor, non-education, no knowledge, not familiar with authority offices, embarrass to other and shy.

So the people who don’t have human mind they take chances for insultingly to other person. See the attachment of old post.

Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)

PM 9:30


Old Post

Muslim Man Arrested For Raping
The rape case was happened at Chan Mya Thar Se Township in Mandalay. Typically, the victim is a native Myanmar/ Buddha and the offender is a Muslim man. There are lived in ZaZa/6 Htun Tone Quarter in Chan Mya Thar See Township. The victim had been rape on 3.6.2017, 8:30 pm. The victim’s house is more than a way to offender house. The victim is 21 years old married woman.

The offender Muslim man name by Zin Ko, take advantage of the friendship and was committed raping, while victims’ husband is on the trip for business. The victim woman was run out from her house. Informed to the neighbors and called to her husband.

4.6.2017, morning, contacted to Kwat Sate Mhuu U Khin Mg Win via phone and reported to quarter administrator. After that, arrived to Aung Pin Lal Police Station and opend complaints. Now opened a case with (Pa)188/2017 criminal law section of an Act 376/511. The patriotic youth from Mandalay Ma Ba Tha Association helps to victim woman via legal way. They also helped for opening complaints at police station. When she went back to her home, the rapist’s mother Muslim woman was came to her house and threaten her “ If you dare to go, I will follow you, we have our mosque leader”.

It is seems clearly, why, mosque leaders are support to these bad guys why so many Muslim rapist. Even so, only a Muslim house in whole quarter. Now the rapist had been arrested and he is in Aoe Bo prison.

Wira Thu (Ma Soe Yein)

PM 8:12