Muditar Place (Education for Law Ka A Linn)


June 26, 2017,

U Nyein Chan Thar (Mahar Wira Aesthetic Magazine Editor) donated 198,000 kyats to Law Ka A Linn Free Education School founded by Sayartaw U Wira Thu. This is 11th donation of him and donated by transferring from bank.

1st Donation (8.8.2016)

180,000 kyats


2nd Donation (14.9.2016)

170,000 kyats


3rd Donation (15.10.2016)

180,000 kyats


4th Donation (18.11.2016)

170,000 kyats


5th Donation (15.12.2016)

170,000 kyats


6th Donation (6.1.2017)

180,000 kyats


7th Donation (14.2.2017)

170,000 kyats


8th Donation (18.3.2017)

190,000 kyats


9th Donation (27.4.2017)

200000 kyats


10th Donation (17.5.2017)

180000 kyats


11th Donation (26.6.2017)

198000 kyats


Total donated amount are (1,988,000) kyats.
The donor and the audience who support for the education, May all beings be healthy, successfully, happy, peaceful, safe and fulfilled of wishes.